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Guanshanhu Park
Next you can go to Guanshanhu Park. The biggest feature of Guanshan Lake Park is the lake and the mountains. Compared with other parks, the quiet and leisure time here is beyond the reach of other parks. The most interesting thing is that there are rare egrets in the park.
Genting Meadows
Then you can go to Genting Meadows. Here, you can feel the grassland scenery of "The sky is vast, the wild is vast, the wind blows grass but cattle and sheep are low". If you are driving, bring camping and photography equipment to shoot sunsets, burning clouds and beautiful stars.
Trolley River City Wetland Par
First of all, you can go to the Trolley River City Wetland Park. This is the original wetland park, which integrates streams, valleys and caves. There are also many Yi buildings in the park, such as wind and rain bridges, which are very ethnic.
Nanjiang Grand Canyon
If you still have time, you can go to the Nanjiang Grand Canyon. The scenic area contains a variety of topographical features, and the magnificent Cascade Canyon has a variety of landscapes and types. There is Asia's largest travertine waterfall, the Admiralty Falls, a waterfall of various poses, and the longest suspended plank road in the country.
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